My Spring Garden

My gosh, how I love spring in the garden.  I never get tired of patrolling my garden to inspect and see what is popping up and how the plants are unfolding.


I just replanted one of my troughs.  I love trough gardens and I want to make a bunch of new troughs this year.


I love the chartreuse green color of new growth.


Three of anything makes a "collection" so I have a nice collection of old cast iron fire grates.  These were used for coal burning in the fireplace.


Sedums are one of my absolute favorite plants and I stick them into all my pots.  They make excellent planters for sedums and succulents.



Frogs are always welcome :->    

3 thoughts on “My Spring Garden

  1. Your garden is looking great…I thought about you yesterday when I visited a new garden center/ craft shop…it was pretty amazing. Pictures will be up on Sunday night.
    ♥, susan


  2. Hi, Suzy! I found your blog by randomly clicking on your name in the comment sections found on rose hip’s blog from her post from Sept. 2007. Very poor run on sentence, but I hope you get the gist. Anyway, of all those who commented, how lucky for me to choose your comment. After clicking on your name, your blog pulled up and the first thing I noticed was your GEORGIAPEACHEZ shop (I live in Georgia). Then when I saw your latest photos, I just had to chuckle. I have those clover flowers everywhere in my yard and I love them and hate when they get mowed over. But look at your gorgeous mound of them! I must try to dig many of them up and centralize them like that. I also have lots of the chartreuse leaved flowers you pictured (my mom calls them Widows Tears, but I know they have several names) and the way yours are clumped look so much better than how they sprout up randomly in my yard. I’ve bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading more. It’s really cute! Who knew a comment you posted 5 years ago would bring a new reader to your blog. 🙂


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