Diapers and Veggies?

I've just bobbed back up to the surface after being immersed in my sewing room for the past day and half completing a sewing project for a dear friend.

My friend and hairdresser extraordinare Jodi asked me to make a custom diaper bag for her first baby that is coming….well, sometime soon.  I jumped on that request and converted it into my gift for the new baby.  So when the shower invite arrived a week ago, uh-oh….time to get busy.

But it wasn't going to be that simple.  The soon to be new mom had challenged me with a theme of vegetables and a gender neutral palette. Finding cute veggie fabric was an almost impossible task but I finally found the perfect design.

I didn't wish to create a sewing pattern from scratch so I found a cute one on Etsy from this seller. 


I like the big pocket on the front and the side pockets with the elastic, perfect for bottles.


I modified the pattern a bit, putting the scalloped pocket on the front and back.  I also added a zipper closure to the top.


I absolutely adore these fabrics and I think they fit the veggies for babies gender neutral theme perfectly.  Cute little veggie critters and a few friends :->


I modified the pattern again to add an interior zippered pocket.  I lined the inside with laminated houndstooth fabric for easy cleanup.

The baby shower is this weekend and I can't wait to see the soon to be mommy's reaction :->

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