70’s Wallpaper Love

Redecorating projects are moving along in my kitchen.  In addition to a bit of renovation I am redecorating the room in a 70's theme.  I'm feeling very nostalgic these days for my childhood apparently.

We relocated the fridge so that we could open up between rooms and my modern and huge fridge needed the cabinetry to continue over it so that it would have more of that built in appearance.  But accessing the cabinets above the fridge is not an everyday reality so I left them open to use as display space.

I intended to find some groovy wallpaper to put in the back of the cabinet and I found the most divine paper ever.  True 70's, flocked and mylar. 


It's like fuzzy plaid on top of stainless steel.


I love this wallpaper so much I added it to the island as well.



I found this incredible wallpaper over at Kitschy Koo Collage on Etsy.  She has the most complete collection of out of this world 70's wallpapers that I have ever seen.


Check this one out, pink flocking on top of silver.  Swoon :->


This one is a perfect example of what's old is new again.  Orange damask on grasscloth.  Double swoon.


No question what era this is from. 


The 70's were all about the geometrics.

Wouldn't any of these papers make a great focal wall?  Wallpapering is SO easy too.        

5 thoughts on “70’s Wallpaper Love

  1. I never thought I would hear myself say that I wish I could get back that orange and yellow and avacado green “flower power” paper that was in my hallway when we bought our house in 1978, but gosh I DO! Oh, and the kitchen curtain with the orange mushrooms. Those were the days, indeed.


  2. Love the vintage wallpaper. I’m am really liking the 1970s look again. The wallpaper you picked is too cute. So unique. Thanks for sharing.


  3. OMG!!!!! We moved into our first house in 1974. Our kitchen came with some “home-made” cabinets. We painted them green, and then we added wallpaper accents surrounded by molding to the door fronts. I do believe your wallpaper is the same paper that we had!!!!!
    Too funny!


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