Romantic Homes Magazine, Oh Snap!


How thrilling is this?  My wreath on the cover of Romantic Homes.  In my little world it's pretty darn top shelf.

I've been keeping this little secret since April, telling NO ONE, not even my BFF Beth.   I wanted to make it a BIG surprise :->

I've been making my wreaths, like forever, and selling them online since 2000.  In fact it was one of my wreaths that brought me together with Susan.  That was a serendipitous encounter and we have been friends ever since.

I will be burning my fingertips off for the rest of the year now, working doggedly creating lots and lots of wreaths.  As they are born they will be listed in the store.  GeorgiaPeachez Wreaths now has a facebook page and I will update there as new wreaths become available.

Many, many thanks to all my previous customers.  Such a lovely collection of kindred souls to have shared my little obsession with vintage christmas with.

** Happy Holidays **

12 thoughts on “Romantic Homes Magazine, Oh Snap!

  1. WOW!! I am absolutely **thrilled** for you — this is the most beautiful cover I’ve seen and it will sell a zillion magazines! Congrats on this achievement!!! I am on my way out the door to find a copy of this.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS from me also
    How fun and how happy you must have been since August
    I hope your BFF isn’t mad at you over keeping this secret all this time .
    I have admired your wreaths for 3 years now since I found your blog and I am sure those who read the magazine and haven’t heard about you, well they will be signing on to your blog and trying to place an order.
    Happy days to you


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