The Sewing Machine Whisperer

I'm going to share something really big with you today.  His name is Steve and he is The Sewing Machine Whisperer.

Steve and his magical workshop of sewing machine wonders is headquartered in Portsmouth, VA.  Portsmouth is part of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia where I live.  Lucky me.

But now, lucky you because I am going to share.  Steve receives and ships sewing machines all over the world.  He is the master of sewing machines gone past.  Gone past, meaning sewing machines made back when metal was king, not Made in China plastic.

Steve repairs, refurbishes and restores vintage sewing machines.

His house and workshop is a wonderland of vintage sewing machine goodness.

White 1.3 Amp 001
You can send Steve a machine or purchase one from his inventory.

Vizetti Super Delux 006
Did you know Visetti's were made by Toyota?  Yes, that Toyota.  Steve loves to restore Visetti's.

Singer 500A 011
Can you say "restoration with custom colors"?  Steve can.

Find all the info you need about Sewing Machine Steve here

or follow him on Facebook.

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