I Did It!

I love needlework, always have.  It was so popular to embroider your jeans and workshirts when I was a teenager in the 1970's.  I did a lot of that.

I picked up this book at a thrift store quite a while back.


 I've been planning (I make a lot of plans) to start a project ever since.  I've recently become quite enamored of bargello patterns.  Yesterday I finally put the supplies together and started a piece.  


I'm already addicted and it's only row 4 so far.


I decided to incorporate my first piece into a purse.  It's pretty slow going, but I'm motivated.  This is a pattern from the "easy" section.  I've already got my eye on a pattern in the "challenge"  though :->

2 thoughts on “I Did It!

  1. Good for you, I like the pattern you are making. Bargello is the only kind of needlework I can ever say I enjoyed but it has been MANY years. My attention span is so short now I think I would have to make a coaster to have any hope of finishing it!


  2. I have this book, too, as well as others from this era. Love them. Love needlework. I think you’ve prompted me to start a Bargello design even though I’ve got embroidery projects that need to be completed! Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.


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