Pink Visetti in the House

I picked up the vintage Visetti that Steve custom restored just for me this weekend.

My wonderful old Singer sewing table does not accomodate a built in machine but rather a tabletop.  I took the box from my old Riccar machine and customized it with a bit of old wallpaper to make it fit to house the pink dream Visetti.

We are just getting acquainted but I should be sewing like a streak pretty soon.


6 thoughts on “Pink Visetti in the House

  1. She is certainly pretty. I love the coordination with the wallpaper. It’s not common to find Visetti’s around here, but I did find one the other day on CL…I had to hold myself back…buying vintage machines is just so tempting! but I just got rid of a load, I need to be good…right??
    Can’t wait to hear how you enjoy sewing with this pretty girl.


  2. OMGosh I figureded it out finally Sue !!!
    I LOVE that pink machine, and passed one up once because I already had 3 machines, now wish I had it , oh well
    I haven’t been over for some time since all the Christmas wreaths are gone LOL


  3. I have been obsessed with finding a pink Visetti since I first saw this machine, and the knob is my favorite part too! Who is Steve and how can I reach him??? Did he come up with that flower knob? I just found the same model Visetti in teal, which I also like, but depending on the condition when I get it, I might want to have it restored, in lavender! How does your pink Visetti sew?


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