1976 and The Garments with Options

Today's yard sale scores yielded  a huge bag of vintage sewing patterns for the grand sum of $1.  Awesome right?

I love old sewing patterns, especially from the 60's and 70's.  I especially love it when I come across patterns that I made for myself.  I made a lot of my own clothes when I was 11 and 12.  Yup, sure did.  Mostly polyester, of course.

But in 1976 I was 16 and I wasn't sewing garments much then at all.  I didn't return to that until I was in my 20's and by then it was the 80's and shoulder pads were in charge.

If I had been perusing the pattern books in 1976 then I would certainly remember these "stretch knits only" (polyester) onesie patterns.

The jumpsuit pattern.  Only 4 pattern pieces and look how many possibilities.

But this gem is "The Infinite Dress".  Only ONE pattern piece.  A marvel of engineering.  

Well, I didn't make these garments then, but I have the patterns now.  Hmmmm……..


One thought on “1976 and The Garments with Options

  1. Well it’s a grand idea to have so many possibilities from one dress but good golly, if there isn’t one head hole and two arm holes I’m not sure I would be able to figure out what to do or how to get back out!


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