Always Tweakin’

When spring and summer are here I spend a lot of time and money in my garden.

Once that spring planting time has passed and we are into summer, then I spend a good bit of time rearranging and moving plants and pots of plants around the garden.

So the garden is always changing and I'm always giving it a tweak here and there.

The garden eagle has a new spot this year, more prominent, befitting such a regal animal.

The garden terrier, she moves around constantly.

Love me some gerber daisies and elephant ears.

I like chippy paint but those old concrete birds are finally due for a touch up.  It's on the list.

The bay tree sports xmas lights year round, just because.

When I finally pull out the paint for the concrete birds, this umbrella will get some color too.

The urn garden is thriving.

This fish planter is the latest addition to the garden.  Stopped into the garden center a couple of days ago and those spikey plants in the fish mouth got me.

I love my little planter collection and also my little chicken on the mushroom.  See the carrion plant there.  That is a late summer bloomer, yes indeed.


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