A Quickie Before and After

Recently picked up this awesome bar stool at one of my favorite thrifts.

It's completely retro awesome as is, switch out the fabric and it would be good to go.  Brass is coming back in, and this sturdy and well made stool is crazy comfy too.

But the brass just doesn't fit in with my Brady Bunch inspired kitchen decor so a quick makeover was necessary.

These vintage Canon sheets are the inspiration for the chair makeovers so far, so more is more of course.

I wish I had the budget and the resources to have the chair "chromed".  Instead I went for the "chrome" spray paint, which looks absolutely nothing like chrome.

Now it's a better mate to the other barstool that I pulled from a garage at an estate sale and painted.

…and the redone Breuer knockoff chairs in the kitchen.



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