Old Mossy Concrete Makes My Bloodpressure Spike In a Good Way

My reward for treking through the long overgrown landscape and stepping onto treacherous and decrepit decking at a falling down house of an estate sale today was some fabulous old and mossy concrete for my garden.

I've always wanted one of these japanese style lanterns and this one has the perfect patina.

This little red stump was found too.  Not sure why they painted it red though??  

This makes a total of three of these birds now in my garden, but this guy has the most interesting? paint job of them all.


2 thoughts on “Old Mossy Concrete Makes My Bloodpressure Spike In a Good Way

  1. I just love a garden and the moss makes it so pretty
    I am so crazy I got to go through an older persons Christmas decorations to see if I wanted any and all I got was shinny brite balls however they had lots of little Christmas fairy’s and little elf’s and I didn’t get them, I want to try to make a wreath similar to your and don’t know for sure if I can pull it off but want to try
    I am just telling you this because Just looked at your wreaths Again and noticed all the cute adorable little people on them


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