Another Year, Another Wreath, Another Magazine

I was just blogging about wreaths and I told you how last year I was priviledged to have my wreath on the cover of Romantic Homes magazine.

I sent this wreath all the way from Virginia to California for it's cover shoot.

But I didn't send just this one wreath, I actually sent two wreaths to be photographed.

Just hitting the newstands now is a special publication by Romantic Homes.

Well, a surprise to me was finding a picture of that second wreath inside.

I had no idea, but what a nice surprise!


6 thoughts on “Another Year, Another Wreath, Another Magazine

  1. That’s fantastic, Suzy. Rather puzzling, though, that they did not let you know they were including your work. I hope you got credit! Congrats to you!!!! Cackie


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