Christmas Grab Box

Whenever there is an estate sale at one of the gorgeous homes on the York River, I'm there, if for no other reason than to get a peek inside one of these upscale riverfront homes.

This home has a large porch/patio that wraps the entire house.  I could live here, uh huh.

This turned out to be a living estate so only the top floor of the house was open and the garage was open separately, you had to enter there from the driveway.

The garage held mostly christmas and there was some of that upstairs as well.  A quick spin around the upstairs and a few incredulous outbursts (oops!) at the outrageous prices sent me right back out the door and down to the driveway.

This sale was not any kind of honey hole but I did pick up a box of christmas surprises in the garage.

I only needed a quick peek inside a couple of the drawers to convince myself that I needed whatever else was in this box.  I brought this home before I even inspected the rest of the contents.  

I just love a surprise grab bag  box.

This was the net results and since this box was the absolute bargain of the entire sale, I'm one happy crafter.

I also adopted a small herd of dream pets, some pixies and a bag of awesome vintage garland.  


4 thoughts on “Christmas Grab Box

  1. oooooh, love the reindeer. I have my own little collection of those antlered creatures. They were so cute from that period. Looks like a good find all around.


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