Boxes of Fun – Reblogs from 2008 and 2009

Way back in 2005 I was already busy building my wreath business. I had no idea then that it would become the cottage industry that it is today.
Of course I didn't invent the idea of ornament wreaths, I've just put my personal style spin on how I make them. I hope that means that when you come across one of my wreaths in the wild it is instantly recognizable as one of mine.
I decided to repost these blogs from 2008 and 2009 about another of my creations, my ornament box dioramas. These are my original idea, all mine.
Now I know when we put things out there in the world you open yourself to plagiarism and copycats.  It's the nature of the internet beast.
If my creations inspire you to make something similar for yourself, that's great. But if you copy and put it out there as YOUR idea, that's not cool. Very not cool.

October 30, 2008

I'm Already Thinking Christmas

Yup, it's my favorite holiday.  I love collecting vintage Christmas all year long.

Soon I'll be dragging out the boxes of vintage ornaments and Christmas kitsch to make some killer wreaths.  Last year after all the wreath making was done I ended up with a pile of little vintage ornament boxes, mostly Shiny Brites.


Ahhh, these boxes are just way too cool to toss away.  I saved them, and probably accumulated a few more.  I was thinking they would make great little diorama ornies.

So I pulled out a few supplies.  If you want to make some and recycle your old boxes here is a list of what I used.

Chenille stems, tinsel, vintage xmas wrapping paper, vintage xmas bits and baubles, vintage batting (for that perfect patina), vintage mica flakes, little bells, foam core and lots of glue.

Put all this together and voila!


Fun, fun, fun!  My daughters were very impressed with my project.  That really says something when the teenagers are motivated to comment.









Boxes of Fun – 11/02/2009

After making 8 wreaths this year from vintage christmas ornaments I was left with quite a pile of old ornament boxes.  I love these old boxes as much as the ornaments that came in them. 

I've been burning blisters on the tips of my fingers with the hot glue and I've got a big batch of them turned into fun and kitschy decorations themselves.

IMG_2674 IMG_2676
IMG_2678 IMG_2675
IMG_2677 IMG_2680

This is exactly the kind of thing I would have dreamed up to make when I was 10 yo.  Yeah, I'm thinking like a 10 yo these days.