Off The Hook Fabulous

I've been spending way too much time on eBay lately.  For the most part, trolling for vintage ornaments for my wreaths. It's become almost a full time job.  darn it. 

This has led to more than a few new acquisitions for my personal vintage christmas collection. natch.

One of these is my favorite eBay score of all time.

That would be 15 years of time.

I am a well seasoned and veteran eBay shopper/vendor, like that wasn't obvious.


The biggest, most spectacular paper mache reindeer head.  uh huh.


4 thoughts on “Off The Hook Fabulous

  1. I have almost that same reindeer head! I got it last year off Ebay and was thrilled as I had never seen another one like it. I think we have twins (or pretty close)


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