Valentine Love


I think this is awesome!  Not only are shelter dogs great, if there is a certain breed of dog or cat that you are drawn to, then I guarantee there is a rescue organization for that breed.  There are a lot of compassionate and selfless people out there that rescue their "breed" from shelters, then foster them and find their forever homes.  Just google your breed/rescue and see what you find.  

My sweet Wendy was rescued from a puppy mill  and fostered by the Fox Terrier Rescue folks.  She was passed to us by her guardian angel Lydia.

We have been her forever home for about 7 years now.



2 thoughts on “Valentine Love

  1. YES! you are so right. On the Valentine Love and the all breed rescues. An internet search will get you where you want to go. Also, many people rehome their dogs, purebreds included, on Just about every rescue I know about also posts on Petfinder. A FB search would probably help find one, too, as many rescues are starting to put themselves on there. Whatever gets the word out.
    Thanks Suzy for this post. Oh, and Wendy is a cutie…but you already know that. 😉


  2. I want another little dog so bad since my little Pug has died.I took in a stray cat and he is so easy to take care of especially when i’m gone just overnight.
    This year I am taking 3 trips them i’m getting me another dog


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