The Annual Porch Big Clean

The back porch was what really sold me on this house.  Doesn't every one want a big porch?  Well, be carefull what you wish for, a porch is some serious high maintenance.

High maintenance but truly worth the effort.

Every year in April I pull all my porch furnishings into giant piles and cover them over with sheets while the pollen rains down.  Then after about 3 weeks the pollen slacks off and it's time for the big clean.

All the furniture/stuff gets hauled out to the yard and hosed/scrubbed off.


Big porch = lots of stuff.


Next comes a lot of sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing with bleach water to get the walls and floors clean for another season.  Every surface gets dirty on a porch.


Then everything comes back to the porch and to it's spot.


It's a LOT of work but worth it all in the end.


I love dinner on the porch and candles after dark.  sweet.

2 thoughts on “The Annual Porch Big Clean

  1. I am getting bids to build on a back porch closed in patio type porch
    I want one so bad because I would rather be outside than indoors. I want it with lots windows
    Yours is definitely a big nice size


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