In The Kitchen

Just a yummy recipe aside.

Since I did my first Whole 30 last year, I try to live at least a version of that every day.

So this breakfast is totally Whole 30 compliant and awesome.

Proof that denial isn’t denying.


This was breakfast last week.

Tonight for dinner I made it again for littlepeach#2 and myself.  She loved it.

It’s a play on eggs benedict, which is an Achilles heels for me. Or a love, what ever.

Smashed potato on the bottom, grilled chicken sausage, fried egg over easy, avocado and Well Fed homemade casear salad dressing.  

One thought on “In The Kitchen

  1. …and look at that vintage yumminess. I wish I’d known you were doing it, I needed a ‘buddy’. I was soooo good for so long and then it went to pot and I’m trying to get back to the 95% Paleo part. I’ll never be 100% –sometimes when you’re starving and there’s only certain things around… you eat. Besides, I like all types of chocolate cake too much. 🙂


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