Killer Sale and Killer Cold

Please let this be our last arctic blast! Last night’s storm was fortunately a dud as far as snow goes but the temperatures today are killer cold.

Thank goodness the estate sale world goes forward in spite of the weather.  Today there was a killer sale and right in my hood, just a few blocks away.

IMG_0361I had to make 5 trips to my car, the sign of a very good sale.

Tons of good junk here.


A box full of about 50 vintage patterns, including a lot of Vogue Designer ones, yippee 🙂


This was the estate of Bill & Bunny.  Bunny was a war bride, she was Japanese.  The house is stuffed full of exquisiteness from Japan.  Some favorites are the lantern ornaments.  Love, love, love.

IMG_0364Stacks of ornaments.  Oh yeah.

IMG_0365This is a gorgeous nativity set.  Made in Japan of course.  That santa planter is perfect, just perfect.

Such a good way to spend a freezing day.  At least the sun is shining!

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