Vintage Garden Planter Style

I love repurposing interesting finds into containers for my garden plants.  So far this year I have found quite a few fun containers for my outdoor garden.

IMG_0454This was a cool find at the Goodwill.  A very old cooking pot missing it’s lid.  It has a weird triangular shape with cool handles.  I drilled a couple of drainage holes and now it’s a great succulent container.

Don’t pay any attention to that red stuff, it’s just cayenne pepper.  I sprinkle all my planters with it because it keeps those damn squirrels from digging up everything.

IMG_0456My friends know me so well, they bring me containers like this.  An old cookie jar but now a great home for one of my miniature hostas.  I use a ceramic drill bit to add drainage holes.  I can transform any glass or ceramic container into a planter with that specialized drill bit.


I love this footed mid century ichibana vase.  Just added some drainage holes and now it is a miniature hosta planter.


This is another old floral vase, but with drainage holes it’s now a really pretty planter.


I found this way cool shell/coral years ago but it is a fun planter now for garden sedums.


See this old jug.  When it cracked and broke in half (because I neglected it outside) I just converted it to garden duty.

IMG_0460I’ve been on a bit of a tear lately updating the paint on some of my old garden concrete.   This frog and umbrella just got an update.  That metal gnome isn’t old, he is from Target a few years ago.  He has been in this spot so long the tree is growing up around him.


I don’t like to repaint my old concrete garden finds but this pair of birds had just about lost all their paint.  So I updated them, repainting one as the original cardinal but changed the other one to a male gold finch.


Since I’m in the garden I thought I would share this pair of old metal bird cages. They are hanging from a tree branch.  I found them at estate sales and painted them.   I always plant the blue one with flowers but the door to the green one was so small I couldn’t get a pot inside so I added a bird which seems quite appropriate 🙂

One thought on “Vintage Garden Planter Style

  1. That’s a very interesting aluminum pot. I like it….and the bird cages…and the piggy… and, and, and…

    For inside plants I have plants that have droopy leaves, in a punch bowl that has a stand. I have a couple of hammered aluminum ice buckets that I always think about putting plants in. I use one as a compost bucket and the other I do use as an ice bucket (and barware gadget holder when not in ice use.)


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