Thrifty Garden Pots

I added a few more old pots to my growing collection.  Just had to add some drainage holes using my ceramic drill bit.

I’m crazy about this pink ikebana pot.  It is in the shape of a backwards S.


It’s a big one too.


This next pot has a very cool shape too.  It curves in and narrows in the middle.

It’s a gorgeous shade of green too.


Check out the bottom.  I’ve never seen this pottery before.  Looks like it was $1.00 originally.


Just needs some succulents.


I’ve added these to my Flickr group, Thrifty Garden Junk.

Pop over and check it out.  If you have any good garden junk pictures to add, then please do!

One thought on “Thrifty Garden Pots

  1. I love the pink pot and I had one of the green ones before. It is a really cool shape. I use a bigger, round planter as my key catcher near the front door and a pedestal golden yellow planter as an art marker holder. I love the colors from that era.


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