Pilgrimage to Plant Delights Nursery in North Carolina

I’ve been shopping online at Plant Delights Nursery for years and years.

Hands down my favorite nursery.

Eight weekends a year the nursery along with the display gardens know as Juniper Level Botanic Gardens are open to the public.  This weekend is one of those times.  So I seized the opportunity and MrPeachez and I scooted down to the Raleigh NC area for a visit.

We arrived yesterday promptly at 8am when they opened and spent 2 hours touring the gardens and then shopping the greenhouses.

Let me just say, it was amazing.

I had seen on their blog that the giant agave, Agave salmiana var. ferox x asperrima was blooming.  It was impressive to say the least.  Kev posed next to it for scale.  Click over to the blog for some amazing pictures of it.


Plant Delights specializes in several types of plants, Agaves being one of those.

These potted agaves make me want to specialize in them as well.


They have lots of alpine and desert plants and plantings. Love, love, love.






Lots of agaves in the display gardens.



Another specialty of the nursery are the VooDoo Lilies.  VooDoo lilies naturalize, just like daffodils and a lot of bulbs do, and they were everywhere in the gardens.


Here is a clump of them.


Who wouldn’t like to have a waterfall in their garden that you can walk under?


It was spectacular.


Lots of woodsy trails to explore.


All the plants are marked and all are available to purchase.

The mail order catalog is extensive, but they told me that only about 40% of their inventory is in the catalog.  You have to visit in order to have access to their entire inventory.


They have some gorgeous hardy hibiscus and the flowers are HUGE!

IMG_0525 IMG_0531

It was super hot yesterday so I was glad to be there early in the day.  They did have some shady and cool spots to relax.

Another waterfall!


So what came home with me?


Some real lovelies.



I’m so glad I made the trip.  I just wish I had bought more plants!

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