Cactus in a Greenhouse

This is my first summer with my greenhouse.  It’s been quite wonderful.  My dalliance with cactus and succulents has become a full blown obsession.

Here sits my greenhouse as of today.


There hasn’t been much crafting here this summer, mostly puttering around in the greenhouse and the garden.

Wendy is my constant companion and greenhouse patrol.  Although somehow she missed the wild rabbit nest that was right under her nose, literally.  But then those rascally rabbits are very good at camouflage.  Momma bunny dug out under the soil bin and we had 3 little ones emerge one day.  Somehow they managed to dodge the aging terrier in residence and make there way out into the wilds of suburbia.


My cactus collection has exploded all over the greenhouse.  I’ve made it my mission to find every kind of vintage planter and pot so that each one has an attractive vessel in which to grow.  I’ve already gone through 2 ceramic drill bits making sure each one has proper drainage holes.  Cactus must have good drainage.  Or else.

20160807_11122020160807_11123020160807_11132320160807_111240 I put a lot of my collection in the front garden where they can get full sun all day.  It’s been a bit of a rainy year here.  More rain than cactus would prefer but they seem to really be thriving.


I’ve acquired a few very interesting and special cactus, so I’m looking forward to watching them grow and mature.


I love ones that twist.


All these cactus will have to come into the greenhouse for the winter, probably sometime in October.  They will all go dormant and just hang out there for the winter.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, I’m headed back outside to the garden.

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