My New Danger Bog

We had a Garden Expo in the hood this weekend and while it was a bit lighter on the garden stuff that I had hoped for I did score a very interesting pot of plants.


This is my new Carnivorous Plant Bog!

Carnivorous plants are something new for me but I’m very excited to explore this genus of plants.  This little mini bog has two different varieties of pitcher plant, a venus fly trap and a sundew.

I am especially captivated by the variety of sundews.  My sundew is the one in the back on the left.  It is sticky sweet and attracts the insects and they get stuck and then absorbed.  So cool, right?

There are some truly beautiful varieties of Sundews.




Bob Brind-Surch

I purchased my plants from the Fly Trap Farm out of Supply, NC.

I found the most interesting video about their operation and the raising of carnivorous plants on their site.  You can view it



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