Some of This and Some of That

Tomorrow my in-laws are arriving to begin our family christmas celebration.  I am so not ready but come 5 pm tomorrow it is ready or not!

My sweet friend Susan over at Black Eyed Susan’s Kitchen has tagged me for a Holiday Hoopla.  I am requested to list 12 random christmas/holiday tidbits about myself.

So I will mix these up with a few pictures I snapped today around the house of holiday decorations.  I am really loving my husband’s new SLR camera!  I haven’t a clue how to use it, other than to take an auto or close up shot.  Neither one of us has had a moment to ready the manual and I really have got to figure out how to turn off the flash at least! 


Here goes……

1)  When my first daughter was born I declared "Santa comes down my chimney therefore I won’t be traveling at christmas time, but you are all welcome to come to my house and stay as long as you like".  So every year now for 16 years my in-laws, each of my sister’s in law and now their families too come to my house for christmas.  We have a raucous good time!

2)  I introduced my husband’s family to one of my family’s traditions, stuffing the stocking.  Each person puts a small gift in everyone else’s stocking.  My in-laws have really run with this one and I have to keep making bigger stockings every year!  They are over the top generous!


3)  Christmas morning after the presents have been opened I make eggs benedict for everyone and we wash it down with mimosas.  Yummmm!

4)  This time of year I play christmas cd’s in my car all the time.  Drives my kids a little nuts.


5)  My heart gets all tachy and I break out in a sweat when I find a box of vintage shiny brites at the thrift store for $0.75!

6)  I put a christmas tree in almost every room of my house.

7)  My husband and I grew up during the moon landing years and he is especially fond of NASA and those memories.  So I decorate a "space" tree every year for him.  I have collected many NASA and astronaut related ornaments just for that tree.


8)  I love to cruise neighborhoods at night just to see everyone’s christmas lights.

9)  I think christmas lights should be multi-colored.  When I was a kid they didn’t sell strands of white lights!

10)  I go through yards and yards of ribbon at wrapping time.  I make my own bows for every package, I really don’t like those bags of bows that you stick on, yuk!


11)  Christmas Vacation and Home Alone are required viewing at this time of year.

12)  I love eggnog, pass the grand marnier please!

OK, that was pretty silly. 

I’m going to leave you with a link to a new Etsy shop for Sophie the Pearl.  Carol Rose just opened her shop and she promises to have it stocked with lots of goodies soon so check it out.


8 thoughts on “Some of This and Some of That

  1. I like that even though you want to stay home you have included the whloe family and you have such a good time. Merry Christmas


  2. Ew! Eggnog! Bleck.
    I love Christmas Vacation and Home Alone as well. I watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch That Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story & Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer every year about 3 times each.
    Talk about driving your kids nuts!
    Happy Holidays!
    I could *NEVER* have my in-laws stay with me for that long without killing someone.


  3. My secret to getting through this cozy time with the family is “field trip”. About halfway through the visit I send everyone on an outing for the day and I stay home. I am able to sweep the floors, run the vacuum, change the sheets and towels and set everything back to normal. I straighten up the chaos because it starts to get to me. But that break inbetween works perfectly and everyone returns and I am happy and calm and ready for more fun! xo, suzy


  4. I love your Christmas tidbits! I guess I do Christmas vicariously through so many people online — I just don’t do Christmas at all any more, other than to send a special DVD or book to an old college friend. My son gets his Christmas and birthday present all in one — though he’s grown, and doesn’t mind it. And thanks SO much for the link to my etsy shop! I hope to have more than just the two items in it by the end of the week! Happiest of holidays to you! ~Carol Rose


  5. Thoroughly enjoyed your list!
    I am about to declare Christmas at my house for next year to avoid all the road running šŸ˜‰
    You and some of the other Christmas divas have inspired me to decorate with wild abandon. Already planning for next year. I told my husband if he wants to stay in this house, he needs to submit his outdoor lighting plan by October 08. He thought this was hilarious. Off to school Christmas party to be crafty. Oh boy!
    Take good care!


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