Coming Down To The Wire – PLEASE HELP!!

I’m in a hurry to get this post up so that it will reach each and every one of you ASAP.  So I am going to quote here from Charlotte Lyon’s blog.

"Our blogging friend, Bernie Berlin at A Place to Bark is in a race for a matching grant of fifty thousand dollars that will help fund her amazing animal rescue. In a few days she will get it…or she won’t. It’s up to us to earn it for her, one small tax-deductible donation at a time. So please head over there with this link and use the badge on her right bar to donate $10 toward her cause. Before the 31st. It’s important."

Bernie Berlin is an AMAZING woman and she has dedicated her life to saving lives.

All you need to do is donate $10, because even more important than the money at this point, she needs unique donations.  In other words, the more new people that donate the better.  Please tell all your friends!!


Here is my daughter with our fox terrier, Wendy.  Wendy came to us last year from a dear friend, Lydia.  Lydia had rescued Wendy from a puppy mill.  Wendy had 3 pups with her when she was rescued and they all found good homes.  Thank goodness for souls like Lydia and Bernie.

5 thoughts on “Coming Down To The Wire – PLEASE HELP!!

  1. Oh I love the picture of your daughter and dog. They look like they are having a serious talk LOL So cute!


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