Testing Windows Live Writer

Wow, found this great tool on someone else’s blog but I haven’t a clue how to use it!  So this post is a test, just playing around.  I found this over at Mirror Mirror.  A great blog.    Goin’ on my Reader list.   Go to her blog and check it out.

Now I found my way over to Mirror Mirror via Barb’s blog MayDecemberHome .  Another great blog.  Barb gives a very good description of what you can do with Windows Live Writer.

OK, put in a link.  That was easy but I had to go online to get the link. 

Now a picture of something.

shannon kitty

I don’t know what this child is doing.


This is an old picture from the archives.

OK, that’s cool.  I was able to drag the pictures side by side, nope, changed that.  Now I resized the pictures and made them black and white. 

OH COOL, I added a watermark.  Sweet!

I’ll keep playing with this but you go and check out Windows Live Writer.

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