What I’m Not Doing

I traveled to Tampa, FL today for a 3 day business meeting and we are holed up in a hotel next to the airport.

This is the sunset that I’m not going to see tonight.


Originally uploaded by  eron qpsfs

I won’t be visiting Busch Gardens.


Originally uploaded by pravin8

I don’t think I will be seeing this guy at the Tampa Aquarium.


Originally uploaded by *davierae*

I also won’t be relaxing in any hotel spa because my airport hotel doesn’t have one.


Originally uploaded by Hryckowian

But I will be eating room service tonight and watching HBO.  Can’t wait to get back home.

21 thoughts on “What I’m Not Doing

  1. Now that was hilarious. Having done a fair share of biz travel in a previous life, I think most folks view it as being much more glamorous than it actually is. I, of course, strove to make it as glamorous as possible but most often reality bites.


  2. Yeh, home sweet home is always best as far as I am concerned. My own comfy bed. Bad enough having to travel for business… but even holidaying holds no thrill for me…I’d sooner stay home. Even restaurant food doesn’t cut it ..I prefer my own cooking….


  3. Funny…my brother and his family live in Tampa. My grandparents lived in St. Pete and my sister and I used to be sent down there for a few weeks in the summer. Nothing like being sent out to help Grandma weed her garden in the middle of the summer in Florida heat and humidity (lol). Hang in there…you’ll be home before you know it. xxoo, Susan


  4. The photo of that True Percula clownfish looks just like my Georgie and Porgie! At least gorge yourself on room service. I really don’t like traveling much. But what I do enjoy is room service!


  5. OH I hear ya! I know travel is not always what it ‘promises’ to be! If you take the time to ‘daydream’ it can make the time worthwhile!


  6. One of the best parts of working at home as a writer is that I no longer spend the better part of each month on the road. You summed up the “joys” of biz trips beautifully. Thanks


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