The Squeal Heard ‘Round the World

I feel really lucky today, I should go buy a lottery ticket.  Today at 1pm, EST Etsy sold spots in the next cooperative advertising page for the Oct 1 issue of ME's Home Companion magazine.  There were only 30 spots to be had and I scored one of them!!!  Then of course I had to call Beth and she got one too!!!

I squealed so loud I'm sure everyone heard me.  I probably woke up Natasha over there in Australia.  Beth and I had a big "high five" over the phone.  

I'm thrilled, now I've only got until Monday to submit my picture for the ad.  Dang, and I have to go out of town on Thursday and Friday.  At least I get to pop into Leesburg, VA on Thursday and hopefully I will have a chance to go check out the new location for The Cottage and visit with Ann & Linda.

My studio is a sea of seashells right now.  I've just started on one of my backburner projects.  My BFF Tammy gave me an old mantlepiece a few years ago and my intention has been to paint it and add some seashell mosaic to it.

While I'm at it I thought I would make a few mirrors for the shop.


Here is the mantle in it's raw state after my husband cut off the legs or side pieces.


Now it has white paint, all ready for seashells.


I painted up these mirrors too.  Perfect thrift store finds for mosaics.


So far I have just started on this one.  A few more shells, maybe some vintage jewelry then on to the next one.  I can't wait to get to the mantle.     

23 thoughts on “The Squeal Heard ‘Round the World

  1. Oh Suzy, that is just precious! No telling how much you could get for those! By the way, does your work take you out of town a lot? Just wondering. I read posts where you’re away on business. Do you actually have a 9-5 job and still get all you do done! If so, I want to know what vitamins you take!


  2. Congratulations Suzy! Now the whole world can be inspired by your greatness 🙂
    Love your seashell mirror! I love how you’ve arranged them


  3. So excited for you and Beth, woohoo!! I love these shell frames can’t wait to see the finished product because I love it just as it is now…have a wonderful day I know it will be hard, but hang in there!!lol! Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


  4. Hey girl, I heard ya! I was wondering what it was that woke me over here at 4am! It was you over the other side of the world! Congratulations and the mirors look fab of course! xo


  5. That is just so COOL Suzy!! Yay for you and Beth! Love the mirror. There’s a shop here in our Old Town called Annie Magnolia and all she sells is seashell covered items. Pretty groovy!


  6. Not sure if you’ve been to Leesburg before, but you should also check out the Old Lucketts Store and On a Whim (both in Lucketts, about 10 minutes from Leesburg). And, Four Shabby Chicks and Leesburg Antique Emporium (where my booth is) are 1/2 a block from the Cottage!!!
    There’s also a lot of other cute shops in Leesburg, so HAVE FUN!!!


  7. Well done to you and Beth, Suzy!
    Love your work so far….can’t wait to see your mantle too!
    Have fun on your trip out,


  8. Congratulations on getting a space on Home Companion, its one of my favourite magazines.
    Love the mirrors, can’t wait to see the mantel piece.
    Rosie x


  9. That mirror is to die for. You never cease to amaze me! I have sent ME several emails about you and Beth in the last few years. Eventually, they do pay attention. It took them one full year to get back to me about the aluminum article. I would love to see an article about your sewing and crafting in that magazine. To me, it is a perfect fit. xxoo, Susan


  10. Congrats!!! I got one in the May and Aug issue but I didn’t get this one! There was a glitch in the system that wouldn’t let me purchase one because I have a spot on my Aug bill so it thought I already had one. (They are now changing the billing system so this won’t happen again.) Boo Hoo! Poor me! Hip hip hooray! Lucky you!


  11. Yippie! How Grand! I was trying to get one and missed,but I feel just as lucky knowing someone that got one! This is the start of something big!


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