Just One of Many

What is one of the many pleasures in life?

Family? oh yeah sure, but I'm talking about shopping.

Specifically shopping on Etsy.  What is one of the best things on Etsy besides all that jewelry that I find it impossible to resist?

Fabric shops of course.

Isn't it great, click..click and then a beautiful bundle of fabric arrives at your door.  Gotta love that.


Today I'm clicking on 44th Street Fabric.  Bev has got a nice little shop filled with loads of pretty fabrics.  She also has a cute blog and she has giveaways all the time!



Right now she is giving away 3 yards of fabric!  You can sign up for the giveaway here but you have to get in line behind me.  ok.

Speaking of giveaways, here is a sneaky peek at what I will be giving away for the One World, One Heart event that starts tomorrow. 


It all starts tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Just One of Many

  1. Oh my! I’ve got to check that shop out. I just ordered something from Etsy today in fact. Love that place! And I’ve gotta see what you’ve got there, Suzy.


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