The Sample Bag

The most fabulous piece of an upholstery sample showed up in my mailbox not so long ago.  All the way from upstate New York. 

This great old piece of fabric sample had some attached small samples of the same fabric, just different color ways.

I couldn't bear to waste the little pieces so I threw it all together in one big mismatched bag. 


I especially dig the recycled mismatched handles.


12 thoughts on “The Sample Bag

  1. This is a wonderful purse. I love the fabric and the use of it in different colors. I would not have noticed the mismatched handles if you hadn’t mentioned them. Mismatch is fine when there is a common color or texture.
    Nice work…


  2. Wonderful! I love it. I don’t notice the mismatched handles either. I just see a very expensive-looking bag. Well done!


  3. What a fun way to “recycle”, and what a classy way to carry stuff around. This bag is definitely a Win Win! Wait a minute, yours always are!


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