Holding My Breath

Winter is not my season.  I feel like I am just holding my breath, waiting for those warmer spring evenings.  Winter for me is usually just January and February, but this past December felt like I was going to pass out.  So cold, and then that white stuff over Christmas. 

While I am turning blue holding my breath,  my creative inspirations are all hot weather and flip flops.  The moment that calendar turns over to the new year it is full on spring time in my head.


It's spring time in the sewing studio too :->

7 thoughts on “Holding My Breath

  1. Amen. Where I live in Oregon, we enjoy an inversion most of the winter months — lots of low, depressing gray clouds. Fortunately it’s been sunny for days now but 23 degrees. Can’t win! Bring on the warm weather and the yard sales!


  2. Keep creating your fun spring and summer stuff! Those darn seasons will eventually get here… –Kelly


  3. I am SO right there with you. We DO usually have some winter here in the Pacific Northwest and I used to look forward to the possibility of snow but I am finding the older I get the narrower my comfort zone gets. We had Christmas, now I am ready for warmer weather!!


  4. Winter isn’t my cup of tea either. I always find myself counting the days till spring shows up, which always seems to be taking it’s time on the coldest of days.


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