Retro Needlework

I've been craving a good needlework project.  Needlework was so popular in my teens and I loved it.

I'm taking a long overseas trip soon, the perfect opportunity to work on a project that happens right in my lap.

I thrifted this fabulous needlepoint book recently.

4-3-2012 1;20;40 PM

There are a LOT of fabulous patterns in this book, classified from easy to extra advanced.

4-3-2012 1;20;58 PM

This one is from the EASY category.  Lovely.

4-3-2012 1;21;32 PM

Here we are moving into the AVERAGE category.

4-3-2012 1;21;51 PM

I love this one from the AVERAGE category.  Reminds me of christmas ornaments :->

If I decide to take along needlepoint, this will be the one.   

4 thoughts on “Retro Needlework

  1. Bargello! I still have a pillow in my attic that I made “back in the day” – all browns and oranges. That is the only kind of needlepoint that ever made sense to me, I think because it is so geometric. Good thinking on a lap project for a long sit!


  2. Nice.
    …just remember airport security! I still don’t think that they will allow you to take scissors on with you… and I’m not sure about needles(?!) You may want to double check.


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