Wreath Giveaway at RetroRenovation

Now that Halloween is past we can get down to the serious holiday around these parts, Christmas!!

I’ve mentioned many times before and I will say it again, RetroRenovation.com is one of my absolute fav sites to visit on the internet.  Pam is the master of that domain and the content is always spectacular.

For several years now Pam has generously been hosting a giveaway of one of my wreath creations for her readers and this year the tradition continues.


Pam has selected this wreath for her giveaway and what a great choice.  I love the green velour elf, the sputnik ornament up top all the way down to the stenciled Merry Christmas ornament at the bottom.

New this year,  you can enter daily to win, which will up the odds in your favor so jump on over HERE and start voting already!

You can find more wreaths like this in my SHOP along with lots of other kitschy and fun vintage christmas creations.


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