Christmas Kitsch

I love vintage christmas and I love funky, kitschy christmas.

This is one of my absolute favorite vintage decorations.  It is a totally groovy disco santa ball.  It has little ball feet, it is a round ball with four openings, covered in gold glitter and don’t ya just love the disco mirrors!



These things just put a happy smile on my face.




I love my dream pet collection.


This ornament is vintage italian blown glass and very special.


Are you smiling yet?

18 thoughts on “Christmas Kitsch

  1. Oh yes. I do love it ALL! Waiting til the carpet cleaner comes this Friday and then I get to put up our tree. Can’t hardly wait, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy looking at yours. 🙂


  2. Great festive fun!!
    Love the tiny bottle brush tree display with the vintage tin and elf.
    (We don’t tend to start our Christmas decorating here in the UK until mid-december) The shops start earlier though!


  3. Great cookie jar! That little pixie has such a seductive pose- yes, I am smiling.
    A couple of my “kitchy” favorites- those sequins on felt pieces- (stockings, door knob covers, light switch plates) that you know somebody stayed up late sewing on all those sequins, and the Christmas trees made of old jewelry- but some of those go beyond kitchsy and really are art.


  4. I have a bunch of elves too! I love them so much! Last year my Mom gave me some of her old lovely ornaments- the elves and glitter slippers and teapot from blown glass. It does put a smile on your face- doesn’t it? I love those dream pets too! You’ve got some nice treasures there! Happy Holidays! calamitykim


  5. I love Christmas kitsch, too! Those reindeer & autograph hounds remind me of my childhood. I don’t think I’ll ever have a grown-up sophisticated decor…I love too many fun, cute vintage things.


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