I won a blog give-away! 


This beautiful tote was made by Beata over at Rose Hip.  It is made from beautiful pink wool and has a pretty felted wool cupcake applique.  The pocket and inside are lined with very pretty soft cottons and it has leather handles.  I am still pinching myself. 

Beata is one of those bloggers who is kind and sweet and her blog is full of beautiful photographs and colors.  She lives in British Columbia and her beautiful photography has taken me on a virtual visit to her beautiful home. 

Her creations are completely original, artistic and gorgeously executed.  Please pop over and visit her blog.  Be sure to go back into her archives and visit all the beautiful places and creations that she has photographed.  Her babushkas are incredible!


I am always inspired to pull out the felted wool and make something when I look at her blog. 

Did you notice this little purse tucked behind the cupcake tote?


It’s for my friend Kelly and it is made with my favorite kitty kokeshi fabric and the fabulous toile from Jennifer at Sis Boom.

Kelly is a cat person, in fact my friend Tammy and I lovingly refer to Kelly as the cat whisperer!  Kelly lives by a marina and she has rescued many of the cats that have gotten abandoned there.  Kelly is also a talented bead artist and a graphic designer.  She helped me put together my GeorgiaPeachez logo. 

It is incredibly warm here this week, it’s like spring except the trees are bare and there are still lots of leaves to be raked because they were so late in dropping this year.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be near 80 degrees, so I think that warrants a stroll on the beach!


The leaves can wait another day. 


6 thoughts on “Lucky!!

  1. Hi Suzy,
    Thanks for coming over to visit my blog! It was strange because earlier yesterday I found your blog and was going to leave a comment, but my computer decided it wasn’t going to do that (I hope this works today :). I added you to my favorite places and was going to come back over ~ then I get your wonderful note!
    For me, it was like “WOW! How did she know I’d visited her today?” Do you have something that lets you know who has visited? I’m new to blogging and would love to have something like that which lets me know where in the world are all my visitors. I think that would be really neat! šŸ™‚
    I envy your closeness to Monticello!! I have a small Thomas Jefferson crush and have always wanted to go see his little domed house! You are very fortunate to be surrounded by all that history!!
    Your blog is so pretty and I will come back to visit with you often ~Georgia girls have to stick together, right? šŸ™‚ Congratulations on winning the contest!!!
    Blissfully, Bebe šŸ™‚


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