Saturday Shopping Spree

I am a fabric-aholic.  Can't get enough of this good stuff.

I found this seller on etsy this morning.  I have a known addiction for vintage fabrics but I am also irresistibly drawn to gorgeous designer fabrics.

Barbara runs this shop, Brickhouse Fabrics.  She has a great selection, especially the seashell/beach themed fabrics.


I love these lobsters.  This fabric is reversible.  I'm getting hungry too.


Pink toile.  


I love this one.  This is embroidered.  It comes in 3 colorways too.


Bees!  I am crazy about bees.  Bees in apricot satin.  Fabulous!


Don't you love this color.  This is embroidered on taffeta.  The feathers are fluffy too.

Beautiful fabrics, what a way to start the day.    

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