Sunny Feedsack

Yesterday it was cloudy outside just long enough for me to stay in a get a new tote made for my etsy shop.


But today the sun is back out, so the tote and I are in the yard too :->


6 thoughts on “Sunny Feedsack

  1. That is a very cheerful bag. I am very new to the blogging world and I enjoyed your site very much. I have just set up an Etsy account and it’s gals like you that make me believe that I can do this too!!Keep up the great work!


  2. This bag has so many great details, that it is too hard to pick a favorite one. I wish I could make bags this nice. You are the Bag Master!


  3. Cute bag!!!
    You know what you should make?? (and you may already…)
    You should make dust covers for flat screen computers. I have an iMac that I love and I hate to see it ever get dusty or smudged from fingerprints.
    I’d love to put it to rest at night with a cute cover! I think they’d sell like crazy!


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