Where is my head at these days when I'm working on a project?


I've been working on jewelry, something that I love to collect and wear. 

I love the look of the old and slightly shabby combined.


But the costume bling gets to me every time.


I love the layered look.


Tarnished silver is a bright light for this moth.


Oh!  This isn't jewelry though.  It's a sneak peek of something special for a special someone :->

Don't even get me started on seashells….

9 thoughts on “Composition

  1. I haven’t seen anything you don’t do well. I plan on putting another tote on my Christmas wish list this year! Your jewelry is unique and beautiful. It has been great getting caught up on your blog. I was drooling over your craft area. It is so pretty and it was fun to see things in common hiding in nooks and crannies…no wonder I love what you do!


  2. Your comments won’t let me make a comment. What I’m I doing wrong.
    What beautiful pieces.
    Your jewelry is wonderful. I don’t see any buttons though, like the ones in your blog header. Do you use them in your jewelry?


  3. Battleships versus aliens seems much less exciting, and because it’s one of those goofy high concepts that often power summer blockbusters, I’m not sure if it would really need or benefit from the “source material” to draw in the crowds, whereas a straight battleships-vs.-battleships film might– if the game is as popular as the studio seems to think it is– benefit and/or need the association with the source material to be financially, as well as aesthetically, successful.


  4. A little birdie told me that you were turning fifty today. Happy Birthday. I turned the big 50 on August 3. My friend told me this “Turning 50 and still turning heads”. It might be a stretch but I am going for it. By the way, you inspire me with your jewelry thank you for sharing.


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