Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton

I'm so lucky that I live in Hampton, VA and I'm so lucky that the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show takes place in Hampton every February.

It's the highlight of my winter, really.

Since the quilt show is literally in my backyard and it lasts for 4 days I can really indulge and saturate myself in the whole thing.

BUT, I have taken a personal vow to try and not purchase new (old) fabric this year, but rather create with as much of my personal inventory as possible.

SO, I did a fabulous job of avoiding any major fabric purchases.  I only purchased 2 yards of fabric, total. 

I know!

I always look for something new that I haven't seen or tried before and I found something really exciting this year.


I'm sure this isn't a new craft but it is certainly new to me.  I've done traditional rug hooking before and I've blogged recently about my sister who is a very talented rug hooker. 

This book is titled Hook, Loop & Lock by Theresa Pulido.

What drew me to this was a project that has been on my back burner for a while now.  I have a very special antique braided rug that I found at the most incredible estate in NJ, when I lived there a few years ago.  I went to the most amazing estate sales ever while I lived there and right now I can't remember the name of the township.  ( yeah I know, but have you ever been there? there are ton's of little towns!) There are SO many little townships in NJ, sometimes in my memory they just all run together. (OMG, the fog just cleared, FREEHOLD!! That was the township!)

Anyway, I found this fabulous rug in the garage and it had never been used.  Well, I've used it plenty, I have it in my kitchen and it is starting to wear quite thin so I've been contemplating making my own braided rug out of my fabric scraps to replace it.


(doesn't look so bad in this picture but really it's getting quite shabby)

Here are some more pages from this craft book and I'm really excited to try this, especially since it seems easier than the whole braiding thing.




Crap, this post has dragged on already but I will update once I have started on my rug.  I have been saving my fabric scraps for some time so I am ready to get started.  Just need to carve out the time!


7 thoughts on “Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton

  1. Found locker hooking several years ago, it’s so much fun to do! Good luck with your project…please post pics as you progress.


  2. Time?? What is time?????? I have four bags of paperwork to go through!! I wish I had time for more craft fun! This looks so cool though! Imagine adding something to one of your purses? Like a front flap or something for a purse done with this technique?? AWESOME!!


  3. oh wonderful! Saying you won’t buy fabric and not buying fabric are two different things! ha ha. Love the new twist to rug hooking!


  4. Had to laugh at your NJ remarks! My small town is about one square mile, yet has 3 public elementary schools (plus 2 private ones!) and it’s own police, fire, and mayor. As does the next small town over, and the next, and the next… I don’t want to tell you what my taxes are. But on to more important things — that craft book looks fun; can’t wait to see what you make! Love that little hanging project.


  5. Darn, I forgot about that show! It’s a fun one, too! 😦
    Can you tell me where the thrift store you mentioned in your previous post is located? I’d love to find a new place to shop for treasures.


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