Scratchin’ That Junkin’ Itch

February can be so bleak for treasure hunting but today the little thrift store over at the Catholic Church near the beach was open.

I love this little store.  The prices are dirt cheap, I always find something and it's next to the beach.  That's a win, win, win all the way around.

I found a whole bag of good stuff today.


Good stuff for sure but I'm totally rockin' my new tank watch that was a whole $2.


I love the yellow leather band, it's my favorite color :-> 

8 thoughts on “Scratchin’ That Junkin’ Itch

  1. That watch is wonderful. Looks like it’s never been used. What a bargain for $2.
    I love Thrift stores.
    Is that a hem measure I see in the first picture? I haven’t seen one like that in years.


  2. The “Ruler Thing-a-majig” IS a Hem Marker !I have one too! It is intended to be placed on the floor, then pins can be placed in the skirt/dress to mark the hem line. I love old sewing notions. I LOVE the watch too. Is it a “winder” ?


  3. The price is cheap with a good and amazing products that is a good store. I like those
    Nice job!!


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