Studio Lighting and A Gem of a Store in Hampton

My new sewing studio is now 95% complete and when I finally find the perfect chaise I will be totally there. Today we installed the ceiling lighting and I have to say it is freakin' fabulous :->

Remember the ugly (that's putting it kindly) ceiling fan from the before pictures? WARNING: (the following picture could produce projectile vomiting).


I replaced it with a ceiling fixture created using the most glorious vintage glass shade.


I found this shade years ago in Virginia Beach at a church sale, everything you could stuff into a bag for $1. I've been saving it ever since for just the perfect use, and I would say it fits perfectly here :->


I put this together with a 99 cent fixture from the thrift store. The marriage of the old with the new required a bit of custom retro-fitting and for that I went over to a store in the Phoebus section of Hampton, not far from my house. I had heard about this place and driven by many times but had never ventured inside.

One step inside this building and I knew that I was not in Kansas anymore….


Cody's is a lighting store like no other place on this planet. Two stories of vintage lighting fabulousness.


Hundreds and hundreds of lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, shades, you name it. All vintage. No repro here, just the real deal.



Are you drooling yet?


I am just showing you the tip of the vintage lighting iceberg!



What they have even more of than lamps is replacement parts. Globes, shades, hardware, everything.


If you are looking to restore or replace some vintage lighting, Cody's would probably have what you are looking for, in multiples.



Are you running out the door to make a pilgrimage to Cody's yet? Here is the info. No website, totally old school, just email. They are the epitome of your friendly Mom & Pop shop. Be sure to tell them GeorgiaPeachez sent you :->

9-10-2011 4;06;06 PM

Now lastly, check out the cutie lampshade that I found there to perfectly compliment the cut glass lamp that I found on the curb (I know!). It's in the new sewing studio too.


13 thoughts on “Studio Lighting and A Gem of a Store in Hampton

  1. Um…I am going to need you to go down there and get me a couple things! Just a couple! Oh my goodness I would be redoing every light fixture in my house. Well done. Your choice is perfection…smiles…Renee


  2. Now I’m super upset that I went to Home Goods last weekend and bought an ugly lamp. But, I still need 2 more…. XOX


  3. I checked one thing off my list when I opened an Etsy store and my next dream is to have a space in an antique malls, which is all I ever thought I wanted but now… I want a lamp store. I would finally have a reason to buy all thoe great old lamps I see at the VOA! Seems like my junking work is just never done….


  4. Wowzer! I am a lamp freak…I have a stash of vintage ones in the cabinets (and switch them out..ha, pun not intended)…and, I have 2 pretty vintage glass ceiling shades in the bedrooms.
    I have the book by lampshade lady to make some shades one of these days.


  5. Georgia, I can’t believe I don’t know about this store. I have a studio LITERALLY on the same street, above what used to be the other lighting shop. I wonder if it is the same couple that used to have a stall at the flea market in Newport News, they always had awesome stuff.


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