Green Tea – Chinese Gold

One of my favorite stops while visiting China was to the Longjing Green Tea Plantation in Hangzhou.



Located in a beautiful valley with rows upon rows of tea bushes lining the slopes.


Early each morning the workers fan out across the fields and snip off only the new growth.  Then it is all processed by hand.

The most delicious green tea I have ever had.


Everywhere you go in China you see people with their water cups that have green tea leaves floating within.


I'm definitely a convert.  This is my special cup from China with a built in strainer, although it's perfectly alright to eat the green tea leaves.

Along with the green tea it is customary to include dried orange peel and hawthorne berries.  You can use boiling water or room temperature water.  After you fill it up in the morning you can refill it up to five times with the same tea leaves.  The "souvenir" that keeps on giving :->

3 thoughts on “Green Tea – Chinese Gold

  1. How interesting! Tea bushes and tea that doesn’t come in little bags – who knew! I, obviouslly, have not given tea the thought it deserves. I would love to taste it with the orange peel and hawthorne berries.


  2. Welcome home! What an amazing trip!
    I like the health benefits of green tea, so I’ll have to find some good green tea leaves and try that in my water. 🙂
    And your garden looks lovely! Such a clever use of the fire grates, they make perfect planters.


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