The Iconic Santa Face Mug

There is something definitely nostalgic about the classic Santa face mug don’t you think?


Vintage Santa Mugs Ceramic 4 Different Japan Winking

I remember these from my childhood most certainly.


There are dozens of versions of the jolly guy.



Vintage Blushing Santa Pitcher & 4 Mugs

This is a pretty sweet little set.

Old Santa mugs make a great vessel for christmas crafting.  You can turn one into a nice little vignette for your holiday decorating.



One thought on “The Iconic Santa Face Mug

  1. I have about 20 of these. I never had them, or saw them for that matter, when I was a kid. I waited till I was about 45 to start collecting them. LOL The one Christmas thing I’ve collected but plan each year to release from my grasp. Then I see the cute little Santa faces and my hoarding continues. But, if you need some…. you know where to find me. 😉


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