Today I Cleaned the Exterior of the Greenhouse

It’s almost the one year anniversary of my wonderful greenhouse.  It was constructed last year the day before Thanksgiving and completed on Black Friday, after Thanksgiving.  So almost one year.

Having a greenhouse has been a dream for a long time and now having had it for nearly a year has been that dream come true.

I have always had houseplants, ever since I ventured out on my own at 18.  Early on,  I dabbled in succulents and cactus, definitely an attraction there.  Since installing my own greenhouse, that early predilection has blossomed into a passionate obsession.


Since I am just a newbie greenhouse owner I am learning as I go along,  how to maintain it, keep the bugs out, cool it and heat it.  So far so good.

Today was my first cleaning of the exterior.  I know I should have done it sooner, but honestly the exterior wasn’t that bad, but it was definitely time to tackle this project.  I knew from all my greenhouse research that the polycarbonate panels would last longer, and yellow less sooner if I kept them clean.  So today was the day.

Here is the dirty greenhouse.


I can honestly say it doesn’t look bad in the picture, I guess I should have gotten a close up of a panel.  They were definitely dirty but I guess not so bad so now I feel better and won’t beat myself up for waiting almost a year to clean it.

I found some good advice on cleaning polycarbonate panels HERE.  I used Dawn dish detergent and warm water and I had recently picked up a soft cleaning wand at Lowes.  Using a soft towel or brush is a must since the polycarbonte has a UV coating and you don’t want anything to scratch that.


First I sprayed down the entire greenhouse with the hose.  Then I went all around using the window wand and the soapy water and scrubbed it top to bottom.


As I finished each section then I would hose the soapy water off, per the internet instructions.  I started with that vented roof section as seen above.

When I finished and came back around to look at the dry roof section if was very obvious that it was not completely clean so back up the ladder again.

I got a new bucket of soapy water and scrubbed with more pressure and in both directions, using the squeegee on the window wand to clean off each section as I went so I could see if I missed anything.  I didn’t do that the first time around and that helped tremendously.

It was a much easier project than I anticipated taking only about 1.5 hours from gathering supplies, executing the clean to putting away supplies, so really an easy project overall.

Cleaned greenhouse.  ( looks a bit better, right?)


My lessons learned are that I need to hose down the greenhouse once and awhile.  That will go a long way to keeping it cleaner.  I just need a hose that is a smidge longer so it is easier to reach the back corner.  Also, I will clean it with soapy water twice a year, spring and fall.  I want my awesome greenhouse to last and be as beautiful as the day it was born,  for a long, long time.


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