Something New at GeorgiaPeachez

I have dug into my extensive vintage sewing pattern collection and come up with a new twist for my tote bags.


The pattern images marry so well with vintage feedsacks and vintage tablecloth fabrics :->


I've got several of these ready to go and they are in my etsy shop right now.   

4 thoughts on “Something New at GeorgiaPeachez

  1. absolutely brilliant!! these are so utterly fab I cannot believe it! I adore vintage patterns, I must have well over 200 now, shhh. It’s becomming an addiction. I have been pondering different ways to use them and you are just so clever to come up with this. I had thought about sewing a vinyl pocket on the outside of my totes to slip one in, but printing it directly onto fabric, now why did I not think of that myself? I may have to paper my craft room of happiness with some of them also, but now I know I could just scan them onto other paper and not “use them up”!


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